Jordan Clouds


What is it
It’s a set of best practices developed by Jordan Cloud Experts to bring the DevOps paradigm into your AWS infrastructure. It’s designed to automate the software lifecycle and AWS infrastructure operations management.
How does it work

With a mix of consultancy, design activities, and on-the-job training, JordanCloud Experts support your IT team in the implementation of DevOps best practices on AWS, including CI / CD, Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-Code.

Why choose it
JordanCloud experience in guiding companies through the DevOps approach on AWS will enable you to take full advantage of automation, ensuring speed, releases repeatability and consistency, both on code and infrastructure.

DevOps best practices for the management of your Cloud services on AWS.

A DevOps approach simplifies the provisioning and management of the Cloud infrastructure, the management of the software lifecycle, the automation of application release processes, and the monitoring of the application and infrastructure performance. AWS DevOps services allow you to develop and distribute your software quickly and efficiently, thanks to more agile processes, which adapt perfectly to changes and enhance the performance of your development and operation teams. Choosing this model requires an evolution of mentality and corporate culture. As an expert guide, JordanCloud supports you in adopting the DevOps best practices, redesigned and tested directly by our Solutions Architect to integrate appropriately with AWS Cloud services. With on-the-job training, our Cloud Experts train your developers and systems engineers to use AWS services by working side by side, integrating their workflows throughout the application lifecycle, from development and testing to distribution and production. Automation, simplification, and precise control of the processes will allow you to maximize developers’ productivity and operations reliability. Execution times will be optimized, and handover and code writing reduced according to the environment in which it will be executed, versioning the Cloud resources used through the “Infrastructure-as-Code” model. By implementing DevOps methodologies into the security controls, you automate the security configurations within the governance processes, increasing resilience and reducing the possibility of human error according to the modern DevSecOps approach: “security-by-design”. JordanClouds, as an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, has internationally recognized experience in helping companies implement methodologies designed explicitly for AWS infrastructures, focusing on the integration of DevOps best practices with the services made available by Amazon Web Services. Thanks to the DevOps on AWS approach developed by JordanClouds, you can simplify the provisioning and the management of your AWS infrastructure, automating the entire software lifecycle from the design, to the development and deployment of the solution, freeing up your resources making them available to evolve your core business.

By adopting AWS DevOps best practices with JordanClouds:

implement Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration pipeline, increase the frequency of updates, and decrease their size.
reduce human error risk and speed up releases with an incremental approach.
automate infrastructure and configuration management thanks to Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-Code.
get granular control of the employed resources and services used.