Jordan Clouds


What is it
This is JordanClouds methodology for planning and executing migration on AWS. It was developed for cases where a simple lift-and-shift is not enough to take full advantage of Cloud migration.
How does it work
It is based on AWS’s Cloud Adoption Framework and the best-practices that JordanClouds has built up over dozens of Cloud migrations. It is divided into three phases, which allow you to analyze the requirements, define the Cloud Adoption Strategy, and perform the migration of each workload.
Why choose it
The experience of Cloud Experts in designing AWS infrastructure allows you to get the maximum benefit the more you need a redesign in a Cloud-native perspective. The structured approach speeds up time, reducing costs.

Define your Cloud Adoption Strategy, design Cloud-native architectures and migrate to AWS with JordanClouds experts.

Each Cloud migration to AWS requires a thorough preliminary study to outline the best Cloud Adoption Strategy, but there are cases where an additional dose of attention is needed: when it is essential to go beyond the simple lift-and-shift, it is essential to define in advance the operating principles of the new infrastructure on AWS, to ensure maximum uptime of services and a seamless transition to the Cloud.

Strategy, method, and experience

The migration services on AWS from JordanClouds are designed for companies that need to deal with complex migration in the Cloud. Thanks to a structured approach that extends AWS’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), our Cloud Expert team integrates the experience gained in dozens of Cloud migrations into a methodology that reduces costs, prevents critical issues, and accelerates migration timelines. When the Cloud-native redesign of each service is required, JordanClouds defines with you the most suitable strategy for the migration of each individual workload, choosing between Rehosting, Replatforming, Repurchasing, Refactoring (Re-architecting ), Retire or Retain, in a validated and replicable process that immediately guarantees maximum results and lends itself to subsequent optimization and evolution. In the Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) phase, our Solutions Architects assess each workload’s predisposition to be migrated to AWS. They carry out an in-depth analysis of each of them to highlight possible security, governance, and operations critical issues both from a technical and business point of view. The output of this evaluation helps to outline migration priorities for the next phase. In the Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP) phase, an action plan for the migration to AWS is defined: during this phase, the workflows for the definition of the Landing Zone, the operating model, and for the implementation of security and compliance best practices are identified. This will help build up the Cloud skills of the IT team in charge of the AWS infrastructure’s management. In the migration phase, our Cloud Experts support your IT team in the execution of the previously defined plan, coordinating technicians, tools, and processes necessary to migrate the workloads from the on-premise to the Cloud. Where possible, the use of patterns validated by experience reduces time and risks, maximizing the result of migration on AWS.

Post-migration support

Once the migration to the AWS Cloud is complete, you can focus on optimizing processes, applications, and costs. JordanClouds AWS Professional Services offer you the Cloud consulting necessary to evolve your infrastructure, implementing new projects, and introducing DevOps methodologies. You can entrust the management of your AWS infrastructure to our AWS Managed Services team, which guarantees a 24/7 support service. Our Solutions Architect can verify that your Cloud services respond at all times to AWS best practices by carrying out a periodic Well-architected Review. At the same time, our AWS certified instructors can train your team both with personalized on-the-job training and by providing official training courses in preparation for AWS certifications.

Migrating to AWS with JordanClouds:

take advantage of a methodology validated by experience to migrate your mission-critical workloads to AWS. You define a strategy in line with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, analyzing in detail each service to be migrated and planning the migration phase.
accelerate time, maximize uptime in the transition, and prevent possible critical issues thanks to Solutions Architect’s experience with dozens of complex migrations to the active. You define the operating model in advance, applying the best practices of security, management, and compliance.
ensure the post-migration support provided by JordanClouds Cloud Experts to implement evolutions and optimize the Cloud infrastructure. You train your IT team on real use cases and with official AWS courses, preparing them to manage your Cloud infrastructure and take exams for AWS certifications.