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What is it
The AWS Well-Architected Review is the analysis of AWS workloads carried out by the JordanClouds Cloud Experts according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s best practices, the official AWS guidelines for the creation of reliable, resilient, cost-effective and safe Cloud architectures.
What it includes
The AWS Well-Architected Review with Jordanclouds includes, for each analyzed workload, an official AWS report, the detailed list of critical issues with recommended remediation in order of priority, and cost and effort estimation for their implementation.
Why choose it
Jordanclouds is among the first AWS partners in the world able to perform Well-Architected Reviews on behalf of AWS: thanks to the experience gained through hundreds of reviews, our Cloud Experts can provide you with the tools to get the most out of the analysis of your workload.

AWS Well-Architected Review: why it matters

Amazon Web Services offerings are updated continuously. New services are released every day, and new features are added to the existing ones, making state of the art for AWS architecture evolve daily. Periodically conducting an AWS Well-Architected review on your workloads allows you to compare them with the primary principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The AWS Well-Architected Framework is the only official – and always up to date – framework, and it reflects the most recent AWS best practices. Also, by performing a Well-Architected Review every time your workloads undergo substantial changes, you make sure that the evolution of your Cloud architecture follows the AWS guidelines even as the number of services and features implemented increases.

The AWS Well-Architected Review with JordanClouds

JordanClouds is to be able to perform Well-Architected Review on behalf of Amazon Web Services: our team of Solutions Architect will conduct the review of your workloads by comparing them with the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected
Framework: operational excellence for the improvement of intervention and support processes, security for information, systems and assets protection, through security and risk assessment, reliability to ensure maximum robustness and elasticity to the architectures, performance efficiency for the optimal use of computing resources, cost optimization to obtain maximum performance at the lowest possible cost and sustainability aiming to get the most in terms of performance, while minimizing environmental impact.
Thanks to a Well-Architected Review, you will get a detailed list of the architectural criticalities found, along with the recommended remediation in order of priority. In this way, you will have all the necessary elements to start bridging the gap between your workloads and the best practices suggested by the framework to make the most of AWS potential, avoiding waste of resources and money, and security problems. At the end of each review, our Cloud
Experts can help you by supporting your team in the implementation of corrective and evolutionary interventions. They will share with your developers the experience gained during hundreds of cloud projects on AWS, through an on-the-job training approach. JordanClouds Well-Architected certified experts can be involved at any stage of the project. They can carry out reviews on existing workloads or support your team while starting each new project on the AWS Cloud, ensuring an architecture designed according to the Well-Architected Framework’s canons from the very beginning.

By entrusting Well-Architected Review to JordanCloud Experts you get:

The analysis of your workloads based on AWS best practices. An official review report detailed specifically for each pillar The detailed list of critical issues encountered The list of remediation recommended in order of priority