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What is it
24/7 support and monitoring for AWS infrastructures is the solution provided by our AWS Certified Cloud Experts that guarantees 24x7x365 proactive support and monitoring on AWS infrastructures. It has been designed for mission-critical services requiring customized SLAs and prompt intervention.
Activities included
It consists of proactive monitoring, the takeover of the warnings, support, and remediation activities, according to a guaranteed customized SLAs. It includes the preparation of periodic reports based on the status of the services and the critical issues encountered.
Why to choose it
A team of AWS Certified Cloud Experts, able to promptly intervene to ensure the high availability of your services, provides the support for AWS infrastructure. At a flat rate, you get guaranteed SLA and an unlimited number of interventions.

24/7 support and monitoring for AWS infrastructures

Mission-critical services and online businesses that need to be continuously up & running day and night can’t definitely afford even a minute of downtime, especially on weekends or during the holidays. Even if the Cloud ensures you a significant advantage in terms of automation and ease of management, this is not enough. When it comes to monitoring and support for critical systems, it is essential to find a partner able to ensure the assistance you need for your AWS Cloud infrastructure all time you need it. JordanClouds puts at your disposal all its experience in managing AWS Cloud infrastructures through proactive support services, available 24x7x365. Our team – counting over twenty AWS Professional Certified Cloud Experts – guarantees a prompt taking in charge of warnings at any time, day or night, through customized levels of service according to your needs. We easily integrate our activity with AWS native monitoring systems such as Amazon CloudWatch, and with all the main commercial and open source applications, like Datadog, New Relic, and Nagios. Thanks to our advanced ticketing portal, you’ll always be able to know your reports’ status at a glance or to speed up the intervention when necessary by calling us or by taking advantage of the integration with all the leading Instant messaging services. We assign each customer a dedicated Technical Account Manager: as soon as we take charge of the infrastructure, a Well-architect review is performed on all the critical workloads, according to the pillars of performance, security, reliability, operations, and costs, and we run it regularly over time. Also, we periodically draw up reports about the use of the services according to which our Professional Services team can implement remediation activities or improvements on your services and infrastructure immediately.

With our AWS infrastructure 24/7 support you get:

An automated 24/7 Support and monitoring designed explicitly for AWS infrastructures and services thanks to the use of DevOps methodologies. Seamless integration with native AWS monitoring tools providing custom metrics and alarms. The possibility of application monitoring for the most popular enterprise solutions. Triage and handling according to a custom service level agreement (SLA). A centralized ticketing portal offering the possibility of telephone escalation and real-time collaboration, custom rules of engagement shared between the JordanClouds team and the customer team. A free start-up assessment and periodic Well-architected reviews on mission-critical workloads in addition to the definition and the proactive execution of updates and maintenance activities. Regular security, consumption and Cloud services, and infrastructure management best practices reports. Certified AWS Professional Cloud Experts, available 24/7 for support and a Technical Account Manager responsible for ensuring the customer the levels of service agreed are respected; a Professional Services team at the client disposal to implement remediation and evolutionary activities on the Cloud infrastructures.